Join our One Day Class specifically
for Colonic Hydrotherapists:

The Digestive Tract Dissected

13 May 2020 at London Bridge, 9.30am – 4pm

Advance your Anatomy by Leaps and Bounds… in only one day… By mixing a little theory review, with a dash of embryology
and an afternoon of cadaver exploration!

What the Course Covers

  • a whizz-through lecture on the basic anatomy of the digestive tract – ‘the theory’ before we get to the specimens (a useful reminder)


  •  a fascinating presentation from Barbara Webb, a senior lecturer at Kings, on the embryology of the digestive system so we can understand how everything got to where it is


  • an afternoon in the dissection lab, the nub of the day, where you get the chance to see and feel, examine and explore real, pre-dissected structures of the digestive tract. Seeing them in true 3-d, in relationship to each other and at different depths of dissection, deepens your understanding in a way little else could, and with a little supportive theory the learning will stay with you.


  • lots of opportunity to ask questions and clarify your understanding which cannot help but feed back into your work with clients.

Program for the Day

09.15am Meet, Welcome and Introduction to the Gordon Museum & Kings

09.30am Fun and engaging Whistlestop Review of the anatomy of the digestive tract… presented by Caroline Barrow

10.45am Interesting Intricasies of the Embryology of the Digestive system… presented by Barbara Webb, Senior lecturer, Kings College

12.00pm Lunch

1.00pm Dissection room: exploration of cadavers

2.45pm Break (flexible timing)

3.05pm Dissection room: exploration of cadavers

4.00pm Finish. Participants may return to Gordon Museum if they choose for an informal look around

This course will be presented by Caroline Barrow at the London Bridge, Guy’s campus of King’s College University.

Please note the course is not affiliated to the university in any way.

Your Presenter

Caroline Barrow


Most of the day will be taught by Caroline Barrow who has run the College of Body Science for the last 16 years, specialising in teaching anatomy (with attitude) and physiology (with passion!) for a wide variety of complementary therapies. We are also lucky enough to have secured an hour of Barbara Webb’s time, a senior lecturer at King’s College University London, who will share a fascinating lecture on the embrylogy of the gut with us.

What Others Are Saying

"Just a quick email to say thank you for today, it truly was an amazing experience and it took my basic understanding of anatomy to another level. Your knowledge is incredible, I was quite apprehensive about the day, but I found your informal style of teaching really helped me relax and made the day enjoyable."

"Oh, what a wonderful day we had today. It was just SO amazing! I seem to have a whole different relationship with my own body and I was seeing people differently when I went back out on the street. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Caroline was really terrific and helped us all feel so at ease with the whole process."

"Thank you for the most amazing experience at the dissection lab. A very rare and special treat. It's put anatomy up on a different scale of awesomeness!"

(and this is one of my favorites!)

Yes, yes! 'Life' is different today!