Know Your Nerves

Course Date

January 1, 1970


Course Location

London Bridge, Guy’s campus of King’s College University

This interactive & engaging class
will take your nervous knowledge to its next level…

Confused by the cerviacal plexus?

Befuddled by the brachial? Stymied by the sacral and its links to the lumbar?

Never fear! Let us gently guide you through the basics, from their names and starting locations to the pathways they travel, the structures they pass on the way and the tissues they innervate.

The 3 day course will be filled with creative ways to learn and varied methods of presentation, interactive approaches and audience participation, not to mention hands on in the dissection lab. Your knowledge will increase in leaps and bounds to reach a more solid foundation of understanding.

Informative yet informal lecture time allows you to get the information down and repeat it back, while the exploratory time in the dissection room will test and challenge your knowledge. Again, we are thrilled and honoured to be able to include this day to put the previous two days of theory into true 3-d. Actually seeing it all really helps you piece together what you already know and fill in any gaps while expanding your understanding of the whole body.

We are confident that by the end of the course you will have filled many gaps in your knowledge of these vital pathways (often missing in more basic CAM A&P training) and more likely to feel you Know Your Nerves.


Do I Need This Course?


Despite the fact that I am biased, I would say that if you work with any kind of bodywork techniques then YES! Any approaches that call for us to listen to where we are pulled in the body and be specific in how we our respond to that pull can benefit from an ever increasing understanding of the anatomy. Of course it is a lifetime’s learning but this will give you a definite boost!

Because of the structure of the programme and the hands-on nature of much of it, both relative beginners and more studied participants say they have really benefited from the information – whatever you need, it takes you to your next level.


What have past students said?


An excellent 3 days! I am now much clearer in 3D terms and have much more inspiration for finding ways to learn this stuff. You were a delight to be with as usual. I love your approach to teaching, you deliver your stuff with no fuss and a sense of much needed humour.’

‘Your enthusiasm was really motivating. Well worth the money!’



‘I was a little nervous about going into the lab having never done nor seen anything like it before, but I was impressed with the dignity and respect shown. It wasn’t gory or messy at all, and very interesting indeed. ‘

‘My greatest learning from the day was about my own naivety! Having only ever seen anatomy in biology text books or 3D models, I was amazed at how different the real thing is. Not orderly or colour coded at all! ”



This course will be presented by Caroline Barrow at
the London Bridge, Guy’s campus of King’s College University. 

Please note the course is not affiliated to the university in any way.








Event Timelines

Day 1 & 2

10am - 5pm

Two days of theory looking at:

• the structure and function of neurons: what makes them fire, how they fire and what happens after they have fired
• interesting aspects of the structure of nerves as they exit and enter the spinal cord
• what information they are bringing to the central nervous system and from where
• an outline of the peripheral autonomic system and where these nerves run, especially the origin of parasympathetic supply and the sympathetic chain
• details of the cervical plexus
• the coolest way to learn the brachial plexus
• the major and minor off shoots of the lumbosacral plexus
• the names of the major peripheral nerves and the pathways they take in the body - what key nerves go next to, under, over and through!
• which structures are innervated by the major nerves & the pattern of innervations to skin, including myotomes and dematomes

Day 3

10am - 3pm

Seeing it all for Real
All that will be followed by a day in the Dissection Room looking at the nerves we have learned about and the pathways the main ones take using pre-dissected specimens - in short as much as can be seen and absorbed.

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Course Location

Total Places: 50 (38 available)
  • London Bridge, Guy’s campus of King’s College University
  • Great Maze Pond
  • London
  • United KIngdom

Course Schedule Details

  • January 1, 1970 12:00 am   -   December 16, 2021 11:13 am
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