Caroline Barrow

Classes have all been developed and will be taught by our founder, Caroline Barrow who has run the College of Body Science for the last 19 years. She specialises in teaching anatomy (with attitude) and physiology (with passion!) for a wide variety of complementary therapies. She also runs the Upledger Institute UK, is an instructor for some of the CranioSacral Therapy classes and practices as a therapist.


‘I started teaching and gained my biomedical science degree at King’s College London and have the honour of being able to use these facilities for some of these classes. My initial dream, to make a visit to the dissection labs available for any complementary therapist, has reached more than 1000 people so far…. I would love you to be one of the next 2000!’

Caroline trained in several different therapeutic approaches (shiatsu, craniosacral and visceral manipulation), and in her training and practice, discovered a love for anatomy and physiology but found there were very few places to get more of it.

‘The more I learned about treating, the more fascinated I became with how the body really works. The more specific my anatomical and physiological knowledge, the more accurate I can be in my treatments and understanding how I can help.  

‘You may be interested in the body from the perspective of being a therapist and working with others’ bodies, or for your personal health – maybe just because these quite miraculous ‘machines’ we inhabit are worth consideration.  

‘Most people get more interested as they start to feel more comfortable with the language and have framework for understanding. Whatever your current level of knowledge about the subject, we focus the information to make it fun, fascinating and fitting for you as practitioners and professionals.’