"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
Oliver Wendell Holmes
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit."
"Laughter is a form of internal jogging. It moves your internal organs around. It enhances respiration. It is an igniter of great expectations."
Norman Cousins
"Grants for producing data are abundant but there are hardly any awards for standing back in contemplation of the deeper things."
John Maddox
"Socrates, you will remember, asked all the important questions but he never answered any of them."
Dickinson W Richards
"The object of education is to rouse the mind and let it make acquaintance with its own powers and inclinations, so that it may judge of its own natural fitness what it is able to do the best."
Peter Mere Lantham
"The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too."
Lord Fisher
"It is through the experience of this network that we are able to contact the full reach, range and potential of our kinesthetic experience."
James Oschman (albeit talking about meridians!)
"There are pauses amidst study, and even pauses of seeming idleness, in which a process goes on which may be likened to the digestion of food. In those seasons of repose, the powers are gathering their strength for new efforts."
J. W. Alexander
"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas."
George Bernard Shaw
"Study the situation thoroughly, go over in your imagination the various courses of action possible to you and the consequences which can and may follow from each course. Pick out the course which gives the most promise and go ahead."
Dr. Maxwell Maltz
"Education is . . . hanging around until you've caught on."
John Ruskin
"Learning is acquired by reading books, but the much more necessary learning, the knowledge of the world, is only to be acquired by reading men, and studying all the various facets of them."
Lord Chesterfield
"We often think that when we have completed our study of one we know all about two, because 'two' is 'one and one.' We forget that we have still to make of a study of 'and.'"
Sir Arthur Eddington
"Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack."
Henry Miller
"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."
"Science is to see what everyone else has seen but think what no one else has thought."
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
"Half of what you are taught as medical students will in 10 years time have been shown to be wrong. The trouble is none of your teachers know which half."
C Sidney Burwell
"There is no art yet known which may not contribute somewhat to the improvement of medicine."
John Morgan

The RECAP Course: RE-Cover Anatomy & Physiology

Date Location Price
TBC TBC £280

This course does what is says on the tin. It helps you recap, review and remember the details of your basic training in A&P.

Perhaps you just love the subject and want to practice what you know and add more in. Often people say they did their A&P years ago but are unsure how much they really remember, or they studied it more recently but didn't feel they 'got' it? Some 'did' their A&P but never want to go near it again and avoid it at all costs, others just don't feel as confident and assured as they feel they should with this aspect of their work.

Whatever your starting point, this course will help you pull it all together and start to think in the language of A&P.

The RECAP course is 4 days of fun and games, spread over two 2-day sessions one month apart - so there's lots of time in between to remind yourself of the details with the inspiration you get from the first two days!

We like to tell you how engaging and fun our courses and A&P can be. If you're not sure you believe us then this is what previous participants have said...

  • 'Thank you for a fun and enjoyable few days - it has re-inspired my will to study!'
  • 'The games and activities were fun yet helped me learn and find out what I did remember'
  • 'What fun!!!!! I really loved every minute of it, even though Im a little slow in grasping the subject, I would not have missed it for the world!! Can't wait for the next session...'

More About the Course

Well, we don't start at the beginning - and of course there is no end! Only perhaps the deep end, which we jump into! We splash and paddle and sometimes elegantly swim between concepts and systems and functions and anatomy, things you know and things you may think you don't (it's amazing how often different bits of information re-surface!) all the while making many more links, filling in gaps and enticing your knowledge back to the surface.

Dynamic and interactive, the formats we use will be varied and adaptable so we can cater for you and your group's individual needs. Games, models, plasticine, visualisations, post-it notes and any other ways we can invent will help draw out the information you know, while occasionally more typical methods of explanation and presentation will also help to fill in the gaps.

This course is ideal if you qualified a few years ago and want to refresh your memory, feel your knowledge is a bit rusty or want new and renewed confidence in your understanding of your Body Science.


Just want to RECAP the muscles and bones?

We have a specialised 2 day RECAP course called MAKING SENSE OF MUSCLES AND BONES just for that purpose. It is just like the RECAP in presentation but the focus is - you've guessed it - ON THE MUSCLES AND BONES!

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