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Our Courses for 2010

Inside the Cranium
24-26 April 2010

2 days theory, 1 day cadaver study                  @ London Bridge

Advanced Anatomy: the Back
Weds 5 May 2010

1/2 day theory, 1/2 day cadaver study                @ London Bridge

Know Your Viscera
24-26 May 2010

2 days theory, 1 day cadaver study                  @ London Bridge

Advanced Anatomy: Hands & Feet
Weds 2 June 2010

1/2 day theory, 1/2 day cadaver study                 @ London Bridge

Know Your Nerves
19-21 June 2010

2 days theory, 1 day cadaver study                  @ London Bridge

Advanced Anatomy: Circulation
Thurs 1 July 2010

1/2 day theory, 1/2 day cadaver study                 @ London Bridge

Know Your Neuroanatomy
14-15 July 2010

1 day theory, 1 day cadaver study                    @ London Bridge

Certificate in Body Science

I am still working on the dates for this as I wanted to run it in Somerset but keep getting asked for London! Please let me know if you would be interested in it if it was in London as that may just swing it. It will be April-May-June time. 



If you pair the Know your Neuroanatomy with Know Your Nerves or Inside the Cranium there are discounts available! See the website for details.



I ran our first course in 2001 and some of you are still around from those early days - THANK YOU. If it's a bit of a distant memory and you want to come back and get a refresher then HALF PRICE may help. Get in touch with any queries. 


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What's been going on?

TheoHi there!

December already??! Well I am slowly coming out of the fog of the first few months of Theo's time here on old planet Earth! Since July 31st I have known that each week and month will get a little easier, he will get more and more interactive and life will continue to go in all sorts of interesting directions!

As many of you do know, I somehow never cease to marvel at the human body and so have restarted the A-Natomy-A-Day-s with some newborn facts. However, they will be less frequent for a while but I will be doing my best to get more out to you. Apologies for those of you who missed them over the last few month, but thanks to everyone who has written to me about them! The general feeling seems to be that they are well received.  If you don't know what I'm on about then go HERE!


Teaching again

cartoonSo you see on the left there that I have set some dates for next year. There is finally the long promised Know your Viscera which will look at all the structures of the thorax, abdomen and pelvis, focusing especially on the fascial links and ligaments that connect organs to each other as well as the boney structure of the trunk. Following the same format of 2 days theory followed by a day in the dissection lab, I hope it will give enough time to get a sense of the anatomy for those who may be new to it, deepen your understanding if you have a basic knowledge and really hone it if you are good with the basics. By learning and reviewing a few times in theory and in practice it should really make the information stick! 

I have split the Advanced Anatomy into 3 separate FOCUS DAYS to cover some areas I am often asked for but have generally not had the time to cover properly in other courses - the HANDS AND FEET and then the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM. What they will cover I trust are self explanatory! I am also repeating the BACK DAY for anyone who missed last years. For those of you who have done most of the other courses the one on the circulation especially will fill that missing piece.

The others are all refreshed and improved (I hope) versions of those that have gone before. I am especially excited about Know Your Neuroanatomy as I have been using an understanding of the structures even more in treatments and and experimenting a bit, with some interesting results at times. I am looking forward to getting those amazingly dissected brains out again to appreciate their beauty!

Anything interesting online?

q markI think this must be a new site as there are a few missing links and some strange text that comes up but take a look at There are some articles, quizzes and links that could fill a spare moment or two...

I couldn't make the Fascia Research Conference that was held in Amsterdam in October but would have loved to have gone. One of the latest buzz words, fascia has experienced a surge in research and work to understand just why it is so important for many forms of bodywork. Their website offers some of the papers that were presented here if you want to take a look.

Free books? Download from Lots of topics but also medical and anatomy here.

Done your Christmas List?


I am usually surprised when anyone says they don't know what to get me (the man I live with for example!!), as a nything to do with anatomy, physiology, treatments and bodywork would always be a hit! But I guess it could be tricky to find what I don't already have! Here are a couple of recommendations in case you are doing a wish list:

Anatomy Crossword Puzzles by  Kim Rossell here (also on amazon) 

The Anatomy Trains Posters by Thomas Myers eg here

The McMinns Atlas of Head and Neck Anatomy was one I found earlier this year. The newest 3rd edition has some wonderful images of the cranial bones - great for the CST practitioners among you! Here is the amazon link.

Or for the kids... See Inside Your Body (Usborne Flap Books) here


Website Re-launch

Keep an eye open in the new year for the new website. I have just started the redesign process so it should be ready early 2010. So there will be new quizzes, more info and a few other surprises.